This post is a little late. Late due to the preparation that took place within the first year of business. The nights that lead into the coffee fueled mornings that seemed to blend into each other for the sake of business. This is the first of many posts about our Design business as it goes from idea to lifestyle.

Before our team considered starting a business, we spent our time doing freelance projects for various clients. The late nights were beneficial in cementing our love for web design. In addition to doing what we love, we have to admit this is a learning experience. It has been complete with all the bumps and bruises that most start-ups run into when trying to learn the ropes.

Here are are a few things we discovered the “hard way”:

  1. Technology changes constantly and hardware is not future proof.
  2. Code becomes deprecated with every significant update.
  3. Design trends change while some preferences do not.
  4. Time feels shorter when working on your goals.
  5. Caffeine is now part of our regular diet.

With this learning experience, we’ve enjoyed the business expos and seminars, in our first year along with meeting great clients and professionals. It’s the new contacts that give this endeavor a new sense of excitement. Just a small break from the monitor glare through the lenses of yellow tinted Gunnars. This feels like what we can only get better at.

In the future, we plan on adding tutorials, creative tips, and videos. I urge you, the reader, to check back with us as we journal our growth, as a business and a content provider.